Fabienne Stadnicka

"Memory has always been the main thread of my work, and I try to highlight it through my painting.
Windows are openings on the past, a link between yesterday and today. For many years they were the sole inspiration for my painting and then, slowly, another sign of the past became evident to me: that of rust on metal, a sign of the passing of time.

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I intervene little, letting the corroded metal speak louder than the oil: the paint adapts, red ochre, yellow ochre, orange, amber…and the image appears, like a trace from the past.
The corrosion speaks, tells a story, stories of women, of trades, of nature.
So, like memory, the image is reborn, still alive: we are confronted with a past, a collective subliminal memory which we cannot ignore and which we can retrace, each according to our own desires. »


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