Antoine Vidal

The very first sculpture of Antoine Vidal, « Naissance du Hasard » was created just upon his return from a trip in Ivory Coast in 1996. Afterward, he will dedicate himself only to his musician's job until 2014, when his passion for sculpture will finally stand out as an absolute vocation.
Fully inspired by African Primary Arts, Design or Cubist movement, Antoine has self- discovered his own techniques of art-making.

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Alternately music composer, disc editor and sculptor, Antoine is a passionate artist whose signature is revealed through a true bonding of music and sculpture.
Antoine imprints the raw and mineral material of his pieces with rhythms, shapes, sounds and patterns that, like a subconscious leitmotiv or chorus, have always inhabited and accompanied him since he started to draw, mold and create as a child.
« Les funambules », « Avec toi » or « Sophia » are perfect examples of his totemic, animal and anthropomorphic bronze pieces that emerged as a result of a long lasting passion towards unconventional sculptural works. In the form of searching for roots, for the comprehension of reality, daring to unbalance but remain grounded, temporal, observing; his sculptures allow us to share Antoine’s
unique postures.


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