about us


Cyril Guernieri, enriched by a long experience as director of the rue de Seine gallery and nourished by many participations in international fairs of contemporary art, opens his first personal space in the heart of St Germain-des-Prés.

Throughout his career, Cyril Guernieri has discovered and selected sincere painters and sculptors, with solid techniques and strong messages. All manipulate matter and play with forms; all are deeply rooted in the culture of testimony, which is peculiar to tradition and the history of art.

Cyril Guernieri attaches particular importance to aesthetics. He presents works that catch the eye, plunge the visitor into introspection, that create emotion. Cyril chooses his artists with passion, and by his scripted clashes he establishes a dialogue between their works.

Entering the Galerie Cyril Guernieri is to meet a generous personality who will talk to you about art as one discusses a coffee. Who will tell you the story of his works as we share moments of life. That will simply make you want to collect.