about us


After developing a successful career as a gallery director on Rue de Seine and participating in numerous international contemporary art shows, Cyril Guernieri decided to open his own exhibition space in the heart of Saint-Germain-des Prés in 2018.
Throughout his professional evolution, Cyril Guernieri has met with a large number of painters and sculptors, electing to showcase works that stand out for their sincerity, their technical accomplishment and the messages they assert. All the artists chosen for exhibition boast a talent for exploring the materiality of paint and experimenting with shapes. They all thoroughly engage in the culture of testimony as a distinctive feature common to tradition and art history.
Cyril Guernieri has a particular interest in the compelling power of aesthetics: the pieces presented in his gallery will arrest attention, provoke introspection, stir emotions. Interplay between works is encouraged through a carefully dramatized layout, enhancing contrast and continuity.
By walking into Galerie Cyril Guernieri you will encounter a man with a genial personality who will be happy to have a casual discussion on art with you. Ask him and he will reveal the story behind each work and share a friendly moment with you. Quite simply, he will make you want to become a collector!