Normando Lobo De Sousa

Normando Lodo De Sousa, NLDS, is a French-Portuguese artist. The religious iconography is the main support of the universes he imagines. This is quite an idea!

Born in a Portuguese family where religion holds a major place, Christs, virgins and other Madonnas were the main mediums of his creation. Normando immerses us in colorful and dense works that seem, at first sight, to be a few arabesques, the genesis of a childlike spirit from which he draws inspiration. It would be reductive because, as soon as we observe the smallest details, they question us. The color and the toy enter in antagonism with the expression of the religious. Here is all the magic that operates since it is precisely these paradoxes and oppositions that nourish the questioning.

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From then on, the visitor plunges into an inner bubbling for each of the pieces he discovers. His creations are anchored in contemporary culture whose references to cinema, television, or games, or even to current events, enrich each of our views. At the next glance, we enjoy discovering the work, different.

Often qualified as kitsch, these play-lets incarnate the representation of an ideal religious (or of a religious ideal) even if it means to shake the perception of the genre up. Be that as it may, an undeniable pleasure resounds in us when we see religion confronted with science or time, in sight of a mirror or with the imbalance of a Christ in Bakelite.


This Christ sometimes represents the dogma, but he is also sometimes a man who can be himself, sometimes the human species… The reading tracks are plentiful and deep, it is then easy and pleasant to rush into the implicit of each work whose resistance creates in us emotions and interpretations, philosophical or ironic considerations…

It is up to us to let ourselves be carried away by the story that Normando offers to us, and to tell our own story.

All the works have the strength to be observed and penetrated according to what we are, our background, our sensitivity. Also, one of them will perhaps meet you a little more, awakening in you an obviousness…




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