Hélène Guétary

Hélène Guétary was born in Paris. For over 12 years, she lived and worked in New York City. An all-around artist, Hélène developed her own imaginary world through drawings, photography and writing. Through the years, her work was shown in several exhibits throughout the U.S. and in Europe, and some pieces were acquired by famous collections and museums (Victoria & Albert Museum London; MEP,(Maison Europeenne de la Photographie) Paris; Polaroid Collection, U.S.A.; Asher-Edelman Collection, Switzerland…). The exhibits were also covered by abundant international press. She published a book of "Tableaux vivants" photographies (with P.Casanova) with a foreword written by Federico Fellini (“Skindeep”). Her portfolio also includes the creation of talking sculptures for the exhibition “The Forgotten Ear” at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France.

Upon Hélène’s return to France, she started directing music videos, commercials, and short films (“Abracadabra”, 8mn, “Somnia”, 26mn, Films des Tournelles/Arte/Canal +).
In 1992, Helene was involved in the creation of the Franco-German TV Channel “Arte”, and marked their visual identity by directing a series of short innovative films. This led to an award-winning collaboration that has lasted until today: 166 short programs from 1992 to 2005, GRIMME Award for innovation in TV in 1994, SCAM Award for Creation and PROMAX Award in 2000.
Hélène has also published four novels: “Le Petit Homme Bleu”, “La Chapelle des Cannibales”, (Editions Mazarine, 1999 et 2000), “Le Monde de Cosmo” (Albin Michel, 2004, Ulisseïa 2005, Lübbe 2006) and “La Femme à Poil Long” (Editions du Cherche Midi 2007).
Her feature screenplay, “Monkey’s Despair”, was selected at the prestigious international “Equinoxe” writing workshop (Nov 2006).

In 2007, she co-wrote and directed a fictional TV film “Trois Contes Merveilleux” (80mn, FR2& RTBF) and wrote and directed the short film “Animal Bloom” (Magali Films/Canal+) It was aired 62 times on Canal+, and was selected by various international film festivals such as Seattle, Montecatini, Montreal, Palm Springs, Genova, COLCOA Los Angeles, Sacramento, Valenciennes,Cinémed Montpellier, Valloire, Festival Sans Filet, Meudon etc.

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In 2008,2009 and 2010 she wrote and directed the documentaries “Sacco”, “Solex” and ‘‘Stratocaster’’ (26mn Arte/Centre Pompidou) .She adapted and directed “The Little Blue Man”, a fiction inspired from a short story

Fellini wrote in 1942. The film, was selected by the Valloire, Valenciennes Angoulême,Toulouse, Lyon, Seattle, Hof and Pentedatillo film festivals.

In 2011 she created with entrepreneur Guillaume Roussy a production structure, OXBOX productions. From 2011 to 2014 she develops with OXBOX “SPACE REPORTERS” an ambitious transmedia animation program  about the great stakes of the 21st century (60x2mn, web site+ 50mn TV/IMAX) , the project won many grants (CNC, Media Program, Procirep) and is supported by the French Institute, Universcience, La Géode, CNES.

In 2013 and 2014, she wrote and directed Swiss Knife (26mn -Coproduction Steamboat/ARTE/Centre Pompidou) and developed «THE TCHIN TCHIN EFFECT», a fiction feature film set in Beijing.

In 2015, she collaborates as a « Dramatic Imager » on the dance drama by Yabin Wang « The Moon Opera » premiering at the NCPA (Beijing Opera) in October 2015. She writes, directs and produces (with her company OXBOX Productions in association with CICC China) a 12 episode award winning series of the Space Reporters for release at the COP 21. In 2016 she conceives and directs the projections for Lucia di Lammermoor, directed by Jean Louis Martinelli at Opera de Nancy.

In 2020, Hélène returns to photography, inspired by the loneliness of the lockdown. She works with herself as a model on two series, ME, MYSELF & I, a surreal photographic lockdown diary, and LE MONDE MASQUÉ, a photographic exploration of life behind the mask, exhibited at Galerie basia Embiricos in Paris in December 2020 and in the Art Doc Magazine online exhibition “Human beings, not Human Skins”, and featured in the January issue of HAS magazine. 

She’s currently working on a new series, ZEITGEIST, a call for attention to the fragility of our world.


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